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Beat the Heat: Joyce and Kiko

My name is Brittany Fisher, and I am a student volunteer this summer for The Salvation Army. Currently, the campaign “Beat the Heat” is underway where The Salvation Army provides free fans, water, and utility assistance for those in need. Whenever the temperatures exceed 90 degrees, The Salvation Army’s Day Center has a water cooler ready from 9 am- 5 pm for the downtown homeless population.

I walked over to the Day Center today and helped set up the water cooler. We filled it with ice and water, made a sign, and set out the table. Before we were even fully ready, a woman was already there in need of water.

Her name is Joyce and beside her is her dog Kiko. After Lieutenant James Harvin gave her water, we all talked about our day. Joyce went into detail about her life and the struggles she faces day-to-day with sleeping, eating, and just over all safety challenges. Her dog Kiko, she says, is why she feels safe at night. He protects her and has saved her from a couple of pretty scary nights.

Joyce has many struggles, but dehydration should not be one of them. The joy I saw in Joyce’s eyes when she and her dog had a moment to drink cold water, breathe, and relax was extremely overwhelming.

Sometimes we take for granted the little things. I know I do, however meeting Joyce today made me realize how much the campaign “Beat the Heat” is needed. The Salvation Army needs your help with volunteering or a monetary donation to make sure we can keep beating the heat and provide Joyce and Kiko, and many more, some relief!



The Chattanooga Salvation Army Opens Overnight Shelter for Next Three Evenings and Calls for Monetary Donations and Volunteers!

With the forecast of snow and temperatures below freezing for the next three nights, The Salvation Army will open its doors for overnight emergency shelter for the homeless at 6:00 pm tonight, Thursday and Friday evenings. The ReCreate Café, The Salvation Army’s Day Center located at 800 McCallie Avenue, is busy preparing to serve those in need throughout the frigid nights.

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Southern Adventist University Partners with Salvation Army for “Street Store” Service Project on MLK Day

Southern Adventist University is hosting a “Street Store” in partnership with The Salvation Army on Monday, January 19, from 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. The Chattanooga Street Store will take place on the sidewalk in front of The Salvation Army, located at 800 McCallie Avenue.

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The Salvation Army is in Need of Monetary Donations, Heaters, Gloves and Hand Warmers Due to Cold Weather

The Salvation Army is placing a call for help to the community to donate new space heaters for our low-income neighbors and gloves, hats and hand warmers for our homeless neighbors! Monetary donations are needed to assist with high utility bills. We are not in need of blankets at this time.

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Chattanooga Salvation Army Kicks Off “Share the Warmth” Campaign Earlier Than Ever Due to Below Freezing Temperatures

With temperatures dipping below freezing for the second time this season, The Salvation Army will be opening its doors again for overnight emergency shelter for the homeless on Thursday, November 13 and Friday, November 14, at 6:00 PM each evening.

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