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Paying It Forward

There’s a movement going on that’s affecting all of us in the Greater Chattanooga Area and it is growing more powerful every year.  I believe they call it, paying it forward.

Maybe you’ve noticed it too.  Someone does something nice for another person – buys a cup of coffee for the next person in line…pays a compliment to a firefighter out in public…or even goes out of thei way to hold a door open for a woman and her baby.

There’s an immediate chain reaction.  That’s the greatest benefit of doing good things for others – you’re not just helping someone in need, you’re spreading joy and inspiration to everyone who is affected by your simple act of kindness.  It is possible to see the positive effects of paying it forward every single day here at The Salvation Army.

The most wonderful part of this work is knowing that many who are lifted by an act of kindness through The Salvation Army will, in turn, pay it forward someday.  Some of the people we help return to volunteer, donating and becoming a positive influence on the loved ones in their lives.  It becomes a cycle of success.

Thank you for all the times you pay it forward!  God bless you for doing the most good.

To see current volunteer opportunities please click HERE!

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