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Our Thrift Store Finds

This week our student volunteer,  Anna, went to The Family Store to see what cool items she could find for herself. This is what she found!

“I went in with a vision of putting together outfits that could be worn every day but I was surprised by all of the amazing options I found,” says Anna. ” There was a  women’s including plus sizes , men’s, and children’s section with brands like Ralph Lauren, L.L. Bean, and Old Navy. All items came with a great price tag!”

“From a day at work or a day running errands, The Family Store had outfits for everything. I particularly loved these items; each outfit was under $10!”

“There was, also, a section filled with pretty things to decorate my home with! My favorite what the china set with the feather around the edges. It came with 32 pieces for $80, which is less than $2.50 a piece. These would really stand out in a china cabinet!”


“The store wasn’t short of furniture either. There was plenty to fill a living room and dinning room. When I found the vintage buffet, I was in awe. It is perfect the way it is or someone with a niche for redoing furniture could turn it into a showstopper!”


“Finally there was the wall of books. I think there was something for every type of book lover. You could really let your inner book worm go wild here while finding something else for the entire family!”


“Be sure to head over to The Family Store, at 4104 Ringgold Rd, to see what you can find! Also, this Wacky Wednesday, enjoy an additional 50% off all women’s clothing and books!”


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