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Thrifting with a Purpose

Have you ever experienced the thrill of going shopping at your favorite  thrift store? It is much like a treasure hunt; you go in, not knowing what you will find, but you search and search until you find the perfect item. Whether you find a new shirt, a lamp, or even a piece of furniture for your stylish living room, one can always find cool things at thrift stores.

Now what if your thrifting could do more? What if it could help a homeless mother get back on her feet, so that she can provide for her family? Or help a man struggling with addiction become sober? When you shop at The Family Store here in Chattanooga, you are doing that by helping aid the funding for numerous events and programs presented by The Salvation Army. The Family store carries clothing and shoes, but also items like electronics, games, books, household items, sports equipment, and even furniture. So you are sure to find what you need and want at an amazingly low price. If you want an even better deal you can come visit us on “Wacky Wednesday,” when you can enjoy 50% off of particular items.


In addition to The Family Store, The Salvation Army Chattanooga also opened the “As Is” store in January. Here, those that enjoy venturing to yard sales can experience that vibe all year long. The products at this store are sold “as is,” and are insanely discounted! From furniture to home decor to stuffed animals, the As Is Store is sure to be a hit!


Are you telling yourself that you already have too many things and you don’t know where you would put newly found treasures? Well, we have the solution! The Salvation Army Chattanooga not only provides two awesome thrifting experiences, but you can also donate gently used items to help those in need. We wouldn’t be able to do the most good without your donations, so clean out your closets and bring your used items to us. When you shop at or donate to The Family Store or the As Is Store you are changing lives.  One man’s old shirt could be another man’s new start; a donated lamp could easily brighten someone’s future.


*Call about free pick-up service for large donations: 423-305-6925 . Donation drop boxes are located at 800 and 822 McCallie Avenue in downtown Chattanooga, as well as 4104 Ringgold Rd.

The Family Store is located at 4104 Ringgold Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37412. The hours are as listed: Monday – Friday: 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday: 9 am to 4 pm, Sunday: Closed.

The “As Is” Store is located at 5000 Covington Street, Chattanooga, TN. The hours are as listed: Monday – Friday: 9 am to 3 pm





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