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$25,000 Matching Gift Opportunity

Dear Friends,

Some longtime friends who believe in the value of our work have stepped forward with an amazing $25,000 Matching Gift – hoping to inspire you and other in our area to give as generously as possible and help match the gift dollar for dollar.  That would mean $50,000 to help care for neighbors in need.

This couldn’t have come at a better time because more people are coming matching grant smaller pageto us for help.  So we are asking you to consider opening your heart once again and giving a generous tax-deductible contribution to The Salvation Army here in Chattanooga.

We are asking for the sake of people like Stan.  Like so many others, Stan was recently laid off from work.  He struggled to get by on his meager unemployment check as he frantically searched for employment.  Humbly, he turned to us after learning his electricity was going to be turned off.  Thanks for friends like you, we were able to help with his utilities.  The next day, Stan stopped by to let us know he’d gotten a job and to offer hugs of gratitude.

We are asking for your help today also for the sake of people like Miranda.  She was just 18 when her daughter Janelle was born.  And though life was challenging at times, Miranda tool great pride in being able to provide for her little girl.  But when Miranda fractured her leg and became unable to work for an extended period, she got behind on the rent and soon lost her apartment.

Through the support of caring people like you, Miranda and her daughter received safe shelter, food and loving support until she was well enough to return to work.  “I owe my life to The Salvation Army,”  she says.  “Now Janelle and I have a real home of our own.”

I’m also coming to you for the sake of people like Sue.  Her reliance upon alcohol had taken over her life and had led to the loss of her dream job as a paramedic.  But thanks to friends like you, that’s not the end of Sue’s story…

“Because of the new start at The Salvation Army, I regained self-esteem, which has led to my being a productive member of our community,” she says.  “I recently celebrated seven years of continued sobriety, and I have now enjoyed employment with the same company for almost six years.”

There is no question…The Stans, Mirandas and Sues in Chattanooga are worth it.  Worth every penny we invest, every hour we labor, every tear we shed, every prayer we offer up to heaven.

But we simply can’t continue responding to every need unless the caring citizens of our community continue giving us their valuable support.

That’s why the Matching Gift is such a great opportunity.  As caring friends like you match the gift, we’ll have $50,000 to help keep all of our efforts going strong.  Doing The Most Good just like we’ve been doing in Chattanooga for 123 years.

Click here to give to our Matching Gift.  Help us raise $50,000 for those in need.

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