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Women and Children Are Large Percentage of U.S. Homeless

Jane, a single mother with a young son, was almost at the end of her rope.  She had fled from another state to escape domestic violence and to seek a fresh start.  She had less than $300 in her pocket, no friends, no family, and no directfamilyion.  Her only source of income was the small disability check she received every month.

Today, families account for nearly 40% of the homeless population. The United States is unique among industrialized nations in that women and children make up such a large percentage of the homeless.

The Salvation Army provides a range of services to help the homeless men, women, and children of our community by providing food, cold weather shelter, clothing, referrals and vouchers.  Partner agencies can also help with permanent housing and medical treatment.

To make a donation to help care for families in need, visit or by calling 423-756-1023.

Reasons for Family Homelessness

  • One in seven U.S. households has sever housing cost burdens, making them highly vulnerable to homelessness due to job loss
  • Federal support for low-income housing has fallen 49% between 1980-2003
  • More than one-third of single parent households live below the Federal Poverty Line, and single women lead 85% of homeless families
  • The average wait for public housing is 20 months, and the wait for a Section 8 Voucher is 35 months



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