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Steve Miller Knows a Thing or Two About Good Food!

The following was contributed by Captain Jon-Phil Winter, Corps Officer for The Salvation Army 614 Corps.  You can find them on facebook here.

Steven Miller knows a thing or two about good food.  For 21 years, Steve worked as a professional chef in Atlanta and New Orleans.  Steve has worked at Emeril’s Del Monaco and was the executive chef at the Napoleon Houses.  Though Steve excelled in his career, behind the success he struggled with an addiction to alcohol.

After Hurricane Katrina, Steve found himself on a significant downward spiral in his life, which resulted in him leaving New Orleans and returning to Atlanta.  Recognizing his need to make changes in his life, Steve moved in with his sister and started attending church.  In 2006, Steve committed his life to Jesus Christ and focused on his recovery.

After graduating from a rehabilitation program, however, Steve suffered a relapse.  Through a friend he heard about The Salvation Army’s Life Development Program at the 614 Corps in Chattanooga and saw it as the stable environment he needed to maintain his sobriety.  While in the program, Steve has developed and deepened his relationship with the Lord Jesus and lived substance free.  He recently became a soldier and is looking into training to become a Salvation Army Officer.

Shortly after joining the program, Steve found a temporary job as a chef at a private school in Chattanooga.  The temporary position turned into a permanent one, and once again Steve was excelling—this time without the alcohol.  menu

As a result of his exemplary work in the school kitchen, Steve was offered the opportunity to take his chef skills to a higher level.  During a visit of Britain’s Prince Edward to promote one of the Royal Charities in Nashville, Steve was asked to be one of the chefs to prepare the meal.  Steve’s cooking skills—once been squandered and almost lost through alcohol addiction—were now honored and recognized.

After all that has occurred in his life, Steve Miller still knows a thing or two about food, but thankfully, he also knows a thing or two about the redemption of Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

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  1. Chattanooga Spanish Teacher #

    Steven is a true soldier of Christ, his testimony is inspirational.
    Thanks Steve for sharing your life with others.

    December 18, 2013

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