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Salvation Army Needs Help Sending Kids to Summer Camp!

Hiking in the woods, making crafts, singing songs by the campfire − some of our fondest childhood memories come from summer camp.  For the neediest children in the Greater Chattanooga Area, however, these simple joys may be unattainable.  These at-risk kids will spend their summer wandering the streets or hanging out with other idle kids – a recipe for trouble.  The Salvation Army can help struggling local families avoid this unwholesome outcome for their children.

“Time spent at camp can be a life-changing experience for kids,” explains Major Teresa Newsome, Associate Area Commander of The Greater Chattanooga Salvation Army.  “It can instill feelings of self-worth, bring new experiences and offer hope for the future.”

Last summer, 100 local children, some of whom had never in their lives experienced being in a safe, loving environment, were given the special gift of summer camp.  Through donations, underprivileged kids attended a week-long camp where they played sports, swam, explored the outdoors and made crafts.  Moreover, with the help of trained counselors, they learned how to live together with a diverse group of neighbors, dealing with the issues and concerns that challenge them in their daily lives.


“We are so grateful to our friends who sponsored these children,” added Major Newsome.  “What a difference their generosity made in these young lives.  They interact with caring adults who listen to them and show them love and concern.  Our campers not only enjoy nutritious meals and explore the great outdoors; they’ll learn exciting new life-skills, and most importantly will learn about the love of Jesus.”

The Salvation Army is currently seeking sponsorships for 100 children for summer camp 2013.  “School will be ending soon,” Major Newsome points out.  “There are lots of spots left and not enough money to fill them.  I hope the community will come through for these deserving kids.  For many of them, it’s the highlight of the whole year.  It’s an experience of a lifetime!”

It costs $200 per camper, per week to attend over-night camp.  The Salvation Army does not charge these children, instead relies on donations from the community.  To support The Salvation Army summer camps, make a donation online at or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.


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