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DIY Home Decor from The Salvation Army Family Store!

With the popularity of “thrifting,” pinterest and do-it-yourself (diy) shows, bringing hidden treasures back to life is a big trend right now.  Instead of spending big bucks, with some time, practice and a little creativity, you can buy items at our thrift store and turn them into unique pieces for your home.  Courtney Byrne, a local Chattanoogan, bought a piece of furniture from The Salvation Army Family Store and turned it into a beautiful piece for her bathroom.  She’s going to tell us more about her successful diy project.

I never would have imagined in my hours of roaming thrift shops that I would have the pleasure of being a guest blogger for the Salvation Army’s Family Thrift Store.  My name is Courtney, and I love upcycling, repurposing and adding budget-friendly, personalized pieces to my home.  While I love my family, friends and wonderful fiancé, I discovered recently that I also love thrift stores, spray paint and DIY projects—with some glitter on the side, of course.  I’d like to share my do-it-yourself projects to help inspire you; you will really be surprised with what you can create on a budget.

Shelf before

Shelf before

On one of my recent treks to my local Salvation Army Family Store, I found the PERFECT piece to complete my newest bathroom face-lift.  The master bath in our home needed fun and functional storage with a pop of color, and I finally found exactly what I was looking for.  And it was a steal at only 50 dollars!  All it needed was a little love and creativity.  Here’s how you can recreate this fun piece for under 65 dollars.  Here’s what you will need:

  • Bookshelf – $50.00 from The Salvation Army Family Store.
  • Spray Paint – 2 cans. I used Rustoleum White Satin finish and each can was $3.97.
  • Fabric – 2 yards was all I needed, and I got mine on sale at a craft store for $3.25.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks – You can get a good mini glue gun for $3.00. Glue sticks are about $.02 – .05 each.

Warning: Spray paint “dust” can go everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!  Work in an open space and cover what you can with plastic or drop cloths.  Also, work in a well-ventilated area. (I wear a facemask while spraying big projects.)

After prepping your work space, clean the whole bookshelf; spray paint will make dust or webs look lumpy.  Next, I removed the back of my shelf—with the help of my better half.  He helped me loosen the back screws so we could take the back off and set it aside.  Now, it’s time to start spray painting! Get one even coat over all visible parts of the bookshelf.



Here’s why I LOVE spray paint.  The finish is amazing!  You can find so many options from metallic, stone finishes, high gloss and even chalkboard.  When I’ve painted with brushes or rollers, sometimes my first coat “pulled off” with my second.  But after using spray paint, my shelf wasn’t even tacky after 20 minutes, but I gave it 45 minutes before attacking it with another coat.  I allowed a little more time for the second coat to dry and went back for a quick third, hitting spots that seemed less saturated than others.  You will be so excited with the outcome that you’ll probably want to carry your shelf inside as soon as it’s dry to the touch but wait!  I suggest letting it completely dry overnight.  

While the first coat dries, you can wrap the backboard.  I chose fabric because I like the texture and the possibilities are endless.  However, you could also use scrapbook paper or wallpaper for an interesting effect.  My fabric had a bright, graphic pattern that mimicked the colors in my bathroom plus with a pop of green.  While my glue gun was heating, I lined the top of the shelf with the pattern to get it as straight as possible.  Then, I glued in 3-5 inch increments, working on a longer side first.  I then started on the opposite long side, making sure to pull the fabric as tight as possible as I went.  Finish up by gluing the short ends and trim the excess.  Voila!  A beautiful back to your shelf.  (If you are nervous about getting your fabric pattern “straight,” try something more forgiving like a polka dot or paisley print.)

Pop your beautifully wrapped backboard in track and boom!  You are ready to place your wonderful new piece of DIY furniture in your home . . . and go back to The Salvation Army Family Thrift Store! 

Beautiful Finished Piece

Beautiful Finished Piece

The Salvation Army Family Store, located at 4104 Ringgold Road, is open Monday-Friday from 9 am – 6 pm, Saturday 8 am – 3 pm and closed on Sunday. Wednesday is WACKY WEDNESDAY at our Family Store with 50% off select items! Call about free pick-up service for large donations: 423-305-6925.  Click here for more information about the Family Store.  


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