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The Salvation Army Participates in Gandhi’s Visit to Chattanooga

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Dr. Arun Gandhi spent the week of September 17-21 in Chattanooga as part of “A City Moving Toward a Season for Nonviolence” sponsored by the Education, Arts, and Culture office.  Dr. Gandhi carries on the work of Mahatma Gandhi teaching his message in cities around the world.  The Salvation Army’s 614 Corps had the opportunity to share with the community their vision for Arts programming at their ReCreate Cafe located at 800 McCallie Avenue.  Cast members of Godspell along with other regular attendees of the ReCreate Café’s programming shared the song “Beautiful City”.  ReCreate Café’s staff and volunteers shared details about the Arts Program, highlighting future events, including next theatre project, which will incorporate “Theatre of the Oppressed” techniques.

The Cast of Godspell with Dr. Arun Gandhi

The primary purpose of the ReCreate Cafe is “to be a safe haven for the homeless during the day when shelters are closed, meeting physical, social, and spiritual needs without discrimination.”  The Arts Program provides opportunities for homeless citizens to engage in creative activities with the hope of adding dignity, inspiration, and fun to their lives.  The Arts Program also reaches out to Chattanooga’s artists to offer the ReCreate Cafe as a venue for events.  Tenika Dye, the Artistic Director of ReCreate Café says: “We are trying to bridge Chattanooga’s homeless citizens with area artists and arts patrons through our creative events. The Arts have a way of helping us to see that we are more the same than different.”

The Godspell cast singing Bless the Lord

Ellen Heavilon shares a piece of art work created by a former male prostitute who used his former weapons to represent his new life.

To view more photos or learn more about upcoming events at The Salvation Army ReCreate Cafe, click here.  To learn more about The Salvation Army or to make a donation, click here or call 423-756-1023.

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